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Easy and Fast Online Interview
Enter your information online, finish in just 10-40 minutes, and get expert live help along the way.

Accountant Review and Lodgement
Our registered tax accountants carefully review your tax return prior to electronic lodgement.

Receive Your Refund Quickly
The ATO will usually issue your refund in 10-14 days. No credit card needed: we can deduct our fee from your refund.

Tax Preparation Prices

Express Tax Return: $19.95
Economy Tax Return: $39.95
Optimum Tax Return: $59.95
Investor/Business Tax Return: $79.95
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Back from a working holiday?

We'll Guide You To An Australian Tax Refund

We specialise in tax returns and super refunds for backpackers.

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Why AustralianTax?

Australian money

About Our Practice

Our practice is authorised by the Australian Tax Agent's board (Tax Agent #: 76845007). Although the ATO provides a do it yourself E-Tax software at no cost, AustralianTax offers the benefit of professional tax advice and assistance for a fee that is significantly lower than going directly to a Tax Agent. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Easy, Fast & Affordable

Based on a simple set of questions, our online tax interview is designed so that you finish your return in as little a 10 minutes. We only ask the necessary questions so that you finish quickly. We are also very affordable. The starting low price of $34.95 covers a majority of taxpayers and includes unlimited tax return advice and customer service.

Free Live Tax Advice

When you log in, our Australian Tax customer service team is available to ensure that you lodge your tax return quickly and accurately. Free live tax advice and assistance is provided during the tax season (July - October). Email support is also available with a quick 24 hour response time.

Professional Accountant Review

Prior to lodgement with the ATO, your return will be checked for errors or missing deductions that you may be entitled to receive. Our staff wants you to have an accurate return, and we will contact you if there are any issues.

Receive Refund Quickly

We lodge your tax return directly with the ATO via electronic lodgement so that you can usually receive your refund in 10-14 days. We also offer a fee from refund which enables you to have your tax preparation fees deducted from your refund.

Convenient & Secure

AustralianTax.com.au is fully dedicated to offering you the convenience to log onto your account at any time with the confidence that we are fully dedicated to the security of your information. Our online interface is secured by GeoTrust® SSL Encryption to ensure that information will not be intercepted by potential hackers. Australian Tax servers are tested daily by McAfee® for potential weaknesses in our systems. All tax returns that are electronically lodged to the Australian Taxation Office are encrypted by the same technology used by Banks.


So easy to use compared to the ATO and 55 dollars is an excellent price

This was a lot easier than the ATO Website E-tax, able to complete in my own time and found it to be user friendly...

Much easier than E-tax!

The online program is fantastic. Not only did it take away the headaches of having to calculate everything yourself, but gave you the opportunity to save your work and go back to a question. And it only took 40 minutes to complete.

You make life very simple for us mere mortals who cannot understand the tax system. Your system was easy to use and did not cause any stress. Good on you.

It was a very simple process to follow which took the stress out of lodging a tax return. The language used was easy to understand with no jargon where you need an accounting degree to understand it. Working at your own pace is also a highlight. I was very pleased.

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