Australian Tax Advice

Tax Lodgement Questions

Read our FAQ for general information about our company and the services we offer.

Resident Tax

Get general information on Australian tax law and find out about all the requirements which may affect your tax situation.

Backpacker Tax

For backpackers and working holiday makers, get general information on claiming your tax refund and Superannuation.

Expat Tax

Frequently asked questions for Expats with more complicated returns.

Superannuation Refunds

Information on how nonresidents of Australia can reclaim their money paid into super funds

Tax Items Supported

Get a complete list of all the tax return items which you may include when you prepare your tax return via our service.

Other Support Options

If you cannot find the answers to your questions in our Knowledge Base, you may contact us for one-on-one assistance from our tax professionals. For personalized help and advice regarding your tax return, we recommend that you register an account on our site and log in. Before you submit your tax return, you can contact our customer service team during select hours through the Live Chat system. After submitting a tax return, you can send us a message through the Contact Us section of your Status Page. Whether or not you have registered an account or submitted a return, you may still contact us by phone (during regular business hours) or email. The phone and email contact details are available on the Support page.