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Super Facts

  • Am I entitled to claim the superannuation I have paid?

    Yes, you are entitled to claim the superannuation you have paid, but only if

    • you have left the country, and
    • you arrived in Australia on a temporary work visa, and
    • your visa has expired or been cancelled

    If your visa is not expired or cancelled, contact the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship for details on how to do so.

  • What happens to my superannuation after I leave Australia?

    Your super remains in your super fund account for six months, after which it is transferred to the Australian Tax Office as unclaimed super.

    You can claim your super refund at any time after the six month period but you’ll have to do it directly from the ATO or use a tax agency such as AustralianTax to do so on your behalf.

    After your super money is moved to the ATO it no longer accrues any interest.

  • How do I find out which super fund my money was placed with?

    Your employer usually picks your super fund when you get hired. At that time you should have received a membership card from the fund with all the necessary information. If you have misplaced your card and do not remember the name of your super fund, we can locate it for you.

  • Will I get all my super tax back?

    Super payments to departing temporary workers are generally taxed at the 35% tax rate. In other words, you should only expect to get roughly two thirds back of the amount deducted from your pay for superannuation purposes.

  • Can I return to Australia for a work holiday after I receive my super refund?

    Many backpackers fear that if they claim their superannuation money, they won’t be able to come back to Australia. That’s not true. You can still return to Australia and work but you will have to obtain a new working holiday visa to do so.

  • What documents do I need to claim my super?

    You will need to have your passport, specifically those pages that show the stamps of your arrival and departure dates in Australia, together with your working holiday visa label if you obtained it although that is not strictly necessary.

    If you left Australia before your visa expired and had it cancelled you may also need to show a copy of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s Form 1194, Certification of immigration status.

Get Your Super Back

We Specialise in Superannuation Refunds

  • Get your super back by international wire transfer
  • Pay nothing until your super funds are released
  • 15% fee, even for low refund amounts
    Flat $300 fee for refunds over $2,000

The Super Situation

If you have left Australia after working here on a temporary visa and your visa has expired or has been cancelled, you can apply for your superannuation refund.

As a temporary worker down under, your employer would have been required to deduct 9% of your earnings as super guarantee contributions and place it in a super fund of their choosing. The great news is that you are entitled to claim a refund of the super benefits you’ve stacked up.

Super Solutions

At AustralianTax, we do all the hard work to get your super refund back to you. We first complete your application - or applications if you have funds in more than one super - for the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP). Next, we track down where your super money is, whether it's still in a fund or has been moved to the ATO. Last, we expedite your refund to your bank account. Please note that for us to provide you this service, you must either have a cancelled or expired visa. If your visa is not expired or cancelled, contact the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship for details on how to do so.

Remember that super payments are subject to tax. In most cases, you should only expect to receive about two thirds back of the super contributed.

Super Pricing

Our fee to get your super money back from your fund or from the ATO is 15% of your total refund or AU$300, whichever is greatest.